Sifting through financial information for college can be time-consuming and overwhelming. FAFSA, pell grants, subsidized and unsubsidized loans, work-study — the list goes on and on. But fear not! We’re here to help. Let us address your financial concerns, break down value and cost, and help you sort through available scholarships and aid.


We know how important it is to be able to afford your college education — it’s an investment unlike any other. That’s why we rely on financial support from alumni, donors, churches, corporations, and foundations to keep PLNU accessible and affordable for our students.

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2018–19 Costs

2018–19 Costs     Per Semester Per Year
Tuition (12-17 units)*     $17,550 $35,100
General Fee $300 $600
Room and Board** $5,225 $10,450
Total $23,075 $46,150

These figures do not include the cost of books, supplies, special fees, transportation, or personal expenses.
*Tuition varies for our nursing majors. See tuition for nursing students.
**Based on a shared room and mid-priced meal plan.

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"I have learned to really get to know the student financial services team, ask questions, and talk to other people who have received financial aid. I have also gotten involved with many clubs, two on-campus jobs, and two academic honor societies. The more you become involved, the more sources and opportunities you will have to receive aid … and even if it’s only a few hundred dollars, everything adds up in the end."

Kaitlin, Class of 2014

Office of Student Financial Services

Looking for additional information about financial aid, important deadlines, required forms, billing, and more?